Field of Work: Economic Development
Organization: The Federation of Southern Fisherfolk (Thailand)

Recognizing that sustainable marine resource management hinges on the economic survival of small-scale fishers, Wichoksak Ronnarongpairee is creating Thailand’s first market for sustainably captured seafood, owned and operated by fishing communities by, simultaneously, creating a national awareness and consumes demand for healthy marine food....

Field of Work: Human Rights
Organization: Will Share Association

Preeda Limnontakul, a disabled businessman, is creating an inclusive business environment for people with disabilities to perform mainstream jobs as competitive equals. Through effective professional training programs and innovative uses of ICT tools, he enables people with various disabilities to perform non-traditional jobs with dignity while...

Field of Work: Human Rights

Wannakanok Pohitaedaoh is ending a vicious cycle of violence in southern Thailand by empowering child victims of political violence to become advocates for peace. Wannakanok’s work has reversed the role of young people from marginalized victims and voiceless members of society to become an active taskforce for peace building

Field of Work: Human Rights
Organization: Contract Farmers' Network

Ubon Yoowah is building an alliance between rural farmers and urban consumers to fundamentally reform the contract farming system in Thailand. Through introducing regulatory oversight and standards for food safety by working with contract farmers, he is improving the health and well-being of producers and consumers across the country. 

Field of Work: Learning/Education

Khemporn Wiroonrapun promotes the rights of immigrant child laborers in Thailand, an overlooked, under-represented subset of child workers, and one of the country's most serious human rights problems.

Field of Work: Human Rights
Organization: Labor Rights Promotion Network

Sompong Srakaew is integrating marginalized migrant children into the Thai education system and local communities. He is protecting them from threats of human trafficking and labor abuse, while providing avenues for career advancement, resulting in harmonious coexistence between migrant communities and Thai society.

Field of Work: Human Rights
Organization: The Mirror Foundation

Eaklak Loomchomkhae is developing Thailand’s first crowdsourcing approach to recover missing persons. Eaklak is not only building the necessary social capital required to expedite on-the-ground searches, he is also using public awareness as a lever to improve the efficiency of law enforcement institutions.

Field of Work: Environment
Organization: Sustainable Agriculture Foundation

Supa Yaimuang is creating a movement of city farming in Thailand to improve access to nutrition for urban residents, while addressing a variety of social and economic problems through community collaborations. Supa’s city farming model is improving the lives of diverse clusters of society, including the urban poor, hospital patients,...

Field of Work: Human Rights
Organization: Deep South Watch

In Thailand’s Deep South, Muhammad Ayub Pathan is empowering the silent majority to speak up for peace in the face of violent armed conflict. By broadening the participation of stakeholders, including women, youth, and both extremes of the conflict, Muhammad-Ayub is enabling communities affected by violence to foster the necessary conditions...

Field of Work: Health

Nattaya Boonpakdee is prompting mainstream Thai society to talk about sexual health and rethink gender roles in order to create large-scale behavioral change. By eliminating sexual stereotypes and misinformation among at-risk groups, their communities and service providers, she is enabling people to make more informed choices in a supportive...

Field of Work: Economic Development
Organization: Huay Pla Lod Agricultural Cooperative, Ltd.

By creating a supply chain system for agroforestry products completely owned and operated by Thailand’s highland ethnic communities, Jakkapong Mongkhonkeeree is enabling highlanders to be recognized as guardians of the forest and to maintain their cultural heritage as forest inhabitants.

Field of Work: Environment
Organization: Thai Water Partnership

In an age of continuing dam construction in Asian countries, Hannarong Yaowalers is establishing a new public understanding of wetlands, formerly perceived as wastelands, by working with local communities to establish economic incentives for conservation. Hannarong is developing participatory wetland protection in Thailand as an alternative in...

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