Field of Work: Human Rights

Wannakanok Pohitaedaoh is ending a vicious cycle of violence in southern Thailand by empowering child victims of political violence to become advocates for peace. Wannakanok’s work has reversed the role of young people from marginalized victims and voiceless members of society to become an active taskforce for peace building

Field of Work: Learning/Education

Khemporn Wiroonrapun promotes the rights of immigrant child laborers in Thailand, an overlooked, under-represented subset of child workers, and one of the country's most serious human rights problems.

Field of Work: Human Rights
Organization: Labor Rights Promotion Network

Sompong Srakaew is integrating marginalized migrant children into the Thai education system and local communities. He is protecting them from threats of human trafficking and labor abuse, while providing avenues for career advancement, resulting in harmonious coexistence between migrant communities and Thai society.

Field of Work: Human Rights
Organization: The Mirror Foundation

Eaklak Loomchomkhae is developing Thailand’s first crowdsourcing approach to recover missing persons. Eaklak is not only building the necessary social capital required to expedite on-the-ground searches, he is also using public awareness as a lever to improve the efficiency of law enforcement institutions.

Field of Work: Learning/Education

Wichian Chaiyabang is pushing alternative education into the mainstream. Through a cost-effective model in one of Thailand’s poorest rural communities, he is training public school teachers and administrators to revise their classroom practices and raise their expectations of public education. 

Field of Work: Learning/Education
Organization: Thai Youth News Center Association

With a television in virtually every Thai home, the mainstream media can play an important role in raising the voice of underrepresented groups and bringing social issues into public discussion. Weera Suwannachot is now putting this powerful tool in the hands of youth by creating a school-based pool of young news reporters trained and linked to...

Field of Work: Learning/Education
Organization: Foundation for Rural Child Development

Disruption of family life, poverty, social and spiritual ills - all byproducts of Thailand's "urban migration". Villages, decimated by shrinking populations, are paying the price for the country's rapid development. Utis Buddhasud is helping to keep villages and families in the impoverished Northeast together by creating model programs which...

Field of Work: Learning/Education
Organization: Foundation for Better Life of Children

Wallop Tangkananuruk, "Khru Yui", is demonstrating how to rescue Thailand's most endangered children.

Field of Work: Civic Engagement
Organization: The Federation of Northeastern Cooperatives

Khun Sun Rupsung, who has been a village teacher in Thailand's poor Northeast since he was a teenager, is demonstrating how to diversify the region's local economies while integrating and making effective use of the growing number of elementary school leavers.

Field of Work: Learning/Education
Organization: Princess Sirindhorn Arts Center

Archan Sangkom Thongmee, a high school art teacher from Loei, rural northern Thailand, is showing how to teach art to build students' confidence and creativity. He is also spearheading a drive to make this sort of art teaching a regular part of Thailand's curriculum.

Field of Work: Environment
Organization: Living Over Value Equity Program

Punya Chaiyakum, using his background as the environmental field's leading artist, is building a national movement of school-based environmental clubs for young Thais. His work is based on his belief that the seven to fourteen year old age group is the most open to understanding and ultimately lead Thailand to policies that will preserve its...

Field of Work: Learning/Education
Organization: Panyotai Institution

Responding to an education system that fails to stimulate and prepare Thai children for the challenges of contributing to their emerging democracy and economy in transition, Porn Panosot is creating an alternative, process-oriented educational program in Thailand that promotes a balance between the physical, emotional, and intellectual...

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