Field of Work: Human Rights

Wannakanok Pohitaedaoh is ending a vicious cycle of violence in southern Thailand by empowering child victims of political violence to become advocates for peace. Wannakanok’s work has reversed the role of young people from marginalized victims and voiceless members of society to become an active taskforce for peace building

Field of Work: Learning/Education

Wichian Chaiyabang is pushing alternative education into the mainstream. Through a cost-effective model in one of Thailand’s poorest rural communities, he is training public school teachers and administrators to revise their classroom practices and raise their expectations of public education. 

Field of Work: Human Rights
Organization: Law Education for Community

Thongbai Thongpao, Thailand's first human rights lawyer, is bringing a better understanding of the law to Thailand's people. In addition to serving as their protector (especially for school age youths and rural villagers), he is also seeking law reform to ensure children's rights, freedom of the press, and freedom from political persecution....

Field of Work: Learning/Education
Organization: Makhampom Theater Group

Through his Grassroots Micromedia Project (known in Thai as Makhampom), Pradit Prasatthong engages communities and the citizen sector organizations that serve them with effective techniques that encourage communication across divisive lines, thus allowing communities to join together in addressing pressing social concerns. Having proven the...

Field of Work: Civic Engagement

Working against the prevailing apathy of youth in Thailand,   Sreesunpagit nurtures young leaders to articulate new ideas for social development and connects them to the resources and skills they need to bring their ideas to life.

Field of Work: Learning/Education
Organization: Baanrak Kindergarten

Abhisree Jaranchavanaphet has created an alternative model of pre-school education in which cultivates the potential of all children, including those with mental handicaps, and recaptures spiritual values traditionally part of Thailand's Buddhist culture.

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