Disabled (Physical/Mental)

Field of Work: Human Rights
Organization: Will Share Association

Preeda Limnontakul, a disabled businessman, is creating an inclusive business environment for people with disabilities to perform mainstream jobs as competitive equals. Through effective professional training programs and innovative uses of ICT tools, he enables people with various disabilities to perform non-traditional jobs with dignity while...

Field of Work: Human Rights
Organization: Nakhon Pathom Independent Living Centre

Teerawat Sripathomsawad is reforming disability care in Thailand from a centralized medical model to one founded on personal care and independent living. Weaving together peer counseling, services at the neighborhood level, and access to personal assistants, Teerawat helps the disabled gain control over their own destinies.

Field of Work: Human Rights
Organization: Disabled Peoples International, Asia Pacific Regional Office

This profile is dedicated to the memory of Narong Patibatsarakich who passed away in 2016.
Narong Patibatsarakich, himself crippled in his early 20s, is putting together Thailand's many classes of disabled people to challenge the age-old belief that disability is a matter of dharma, something shameful and a penalty for bad behavior in an...

Field of Work: Learning/Education
Organization: Baanrak Kindergarten

Abhisree Jaranchavanaphet has created an alternative model of pre-school education in which cultivates the potential of all children, including those with mental handicaps, and recaptures spiritual values traditionally part of Thailand's Buddhist culture.

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